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JKW Political Consulting is proud to be partnered with a wide array of political, advocacy, and corporate organizations.

Our recent projects include:

Alliance for Jobs and Sustainable Growth - Ed Lee for Mayor, George Gascon for DA, Chris Cunnie for Sheriff, Yes on B, Yes on G

Alliance to Save Our Hospital

Dr. Larry Bedard for Marin Healthcare District Board

Claudine Cheng for Supervisor

Citizens for Reform Leadership

Committee to Protect Mesothelioma Victim

Contemporary Art Museum at the Presidio

D10 Forward - Malia Cohen for District 10 Supervisor

Dr. Jamie Clever for Marin Healthcare District Board


Electronic Data Systems Corp.

Equality California

Families for Neighborhood Schools - Proposition H

Food Allergy Project

Freedom Concert


Sharon Jackson for Marin Healthcare District Board

Mills Corp

Glenda Nardine for Supervisor

Neighborhood Parks Council

Gavin Newsom for Mayor

Piers 27-31 Project


Project Homecoming

Yes on Proposition I - Small Business Assistance Center

No on Proposition K - Hotel Tax Clarifications and Definitions

Proposition V - Choice for Students - Save JROTC

Jennifer Rienks for Marin Healthcare District Board

San Francisco Building and Construction Trade Council

San Francisco Council of District Merchants Associations

San Francisco Multi-Employer Group

Dr. Harris "Hank" Simmonds for Marin Healthcare District Board

Students First - Quality Neighborhood Schools