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JKW Political Consulting is a Pollie Award winning political consulting firm committed to providing personalized service to each client. We have worked with political campaigns, advocacy organizations, small businesses, and corporations analyzing needs and crafting comprehensive and innovative solutions. Our successes testify to our ability to understand and manage the different challenges and opportunities that our clients face.

JKW Political offers services for every stage of development and implementation, from fundraising and organization to election day and GOTV. We create effective field and community outreach programs as well as build strategic coalitions to achieve client goals. We help craft salient messages communicated to highly targeted audiences. For our corporate clients, JKW Political assists companies in corporate positioning, profile enhancement, as well as the design and execution of long-term community involvement programs. We help businesses participate in the political process.

JKW Political works with clients to deliver their message through traditional media in addition to innovative and cutting edge marketing and PR practices. This multi-tiered approach to communication allows our client’s message to be received through multiple platforms, allowing them to stand out amid a sea of cluttered advertising. JKW Political has the experience, qualifications, and desire to guide our clients to success.

For more information on JKW Political Consulting, contact us at info@jkwpolitical.com